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ADEPT’s aim is to improve and enhance the capacity and impact of African diaspora organisations involved in development activities in Africa. We believe the African diaspora must be empowered for Africa to reach its full potential.

Here's how we are supporting African Diaspora Development Organisations (ADDOs)

  • Optimise their development engagement in Africa
  • Professionalise their organisations and activities
  • Create effective partnerships in Europe and Africa
  • Expand and improve their development activities in Africa
  • Influence the policy and practice of development cooperation
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Diaspora Development Dialogue (DDD)

The DDDs focus on:

  • professional Training of African Diaspora-Development Organisations (ADDOs)
  • development Dialogue between ADDOs and mainstream agencies and institutions
  • facilitated Networking for collaborative action and improved development impact.

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See below what partners and ADDOs in our network say about our work:

  • Dr  Abdramane  Sylla

    We urgently need to offer African youths better socio-economic opportunities at home. Without this, the tragic circumstances of migrants in the Mediterranean will continue and  deaths may  even  increase.  I  am  pleased that the Diaspora  Development Forum gives us the opportunity to think and work on practical actions and solutions.

    Dr Abdramane Sylla, Minister of Malians Abroad, Mali

  • Adeola Naomi Aderemi

    My experience at ADEPT’s DDF2 was eye opening to the issues of migration. I learned a lot on various ways to reach out for funding to support innovative projects for development and support African businesses. The network created during the forum is the most valuable.

    Adeola Naomi Aderemi, LeFAMSoL, Greece

  • Andredina Cardoso

    ADEPT manages to fulfil the need to pool synergies around common objectives to create strategic networks whilst strengthening organisations output on the ground. ADEPT’s information sharing allow us to access knowledge and exchange experiences which leads to greater efficiency.

    Andredina Cardoso, FASCP, Portugal

  • Dr George Vella

    Migration will be with us for many years to come. We can make it a win-win situation if  we  concentrate  on  development  in  the  countries  of  origin  and  by  providing  legal channels that  regulate the flow  of migrants to Europe  and subsequently back to the countries of origin. This is what the Diaspora Development Forum will be discussing.

    Dr George Vella, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Malta

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We bring the 7th Diaspora Development Dialogue to an end! Thanks to our guest-speakers & participants for their enormous contribution. See you again next year in Africa for the next DDD! #DDD7 #DiasporaTalks

"The key is no longer in the courtyard, but there is so much light in the courtyard that we stay. We should go back to the darkroom." Gibril Faal #DDD7 #DiasporaTalks

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"The opening of Blaise Diagne airport [#Senegal] brings to an end 10 years of sometimes torturous development" (Think @CNN means tortuous?)