Digilogic’s fourth co-creation Lab: Matching Supply and Demand in Formal Retail Supply Chains

Written by Nnenna Ukwu

16 May 2023

In March 2023, ADEPT announced its partnership with Digilogic. ADEPT has since then been actively promoting its projects and activities. Funded by the EU, Digilogic’s objective is to pave the way for newbie entrepreneurs, self-employed, startups, SMEs, ICT professionals, and innovators from Africa and Europe to jointly develop smart logistic solutions, in close cooperation with industries and investors, securing sustainability and success.

Interested participants have been trained through co-creation labs. This is a 2-week program where European and African experts in the field, will get to engage with the participants in team building, design thinking, know-how exchange, fast prototyping thereby boosting personal skills and their network. Since 2022, Digilogic has organized three co-creation laboratories where African business cases in the Logistics Critical Mile were presented and analyzed with the support of European and African DIHs facilitators.

DIGILOGIC Labs creates opportunities for innovators, employees and entrepreneurs to refine their problem-solving attitude and capabilities to spotlight the potential of digital technologies in the Logistics Critical Mile.

The fourth co-creation Lab started on the 9th of May and would run through until the 19th of May 2023. We encourage our members who are interested to Join a team of peers from Europe and Africa to prototype their digital solution in this virtual hands-on international experience. The fifth co-creation lab will start on the 27th of June until the 6th of July. Further information will be displayed on all of ADEPT’s social networks.

To learn more about Digilogic co-creation lab, kindly click here

You wish to apply? Click on the link: https://community.digilogic.africa/co-creation-labs-application/

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