O-REMIT Project Launched: Training date for the first group of aspiring diaspora angel investors announced

Written by Nnenna Ukwu

16 May 2023

The  O-REMIT project  funded by the Belgian Government and implemented by partners; The International Organization for Migration (IOM)- Belgium and Luxembourg, Ondernemers voor Ondernemers vzw(OVO), Nationale Bank van België and ZidiCircle has been launched.

This project aims at;

  • Offering cost-effective alternatives for remittances and opportunities for investment of savings by tracking diaspora remittance flows from Belgium into Morocco, Senegal, and the DRC,
  • Creating awareness among remit senders and receivers on these corridors on remittance options, and
  • Offering opportunities for the diaspora in these corridors to convert some of the remittances into investments through the Venture backers programme that trains aspiring diaspora angel investors on angel investing.

The first group of aspiring diaspora angel investors are Moroccans diaspora members residing in Belgium and willing to invest in SMEs in their country of origin.

Through this training the selected diaspora investors will have an opportunity to participate in entrepreneurship as angel investors and advisors, whether they run the businesses themselves or not. They will also be able to promote community capital in order to increase its access for more entrepreneurs and provide opportunity to grow their businesses nationally or internationally. This training will be facilitated by Zidicircle. ADEPT will support fully by engaging its network of organisations in participating in such innovative initiative. ADEPT will officially be partner of the kickoff event.

The second group of aspiring angel investors will be organized within the Senegalese Diaspora. This programme will start in Autumn 2023 and the DRC will be covered in the Spring of 2024.

You can already apply for the Morocco programme starting in May 2023 here

The first networking session of the Investing in Morocco training programme will take place on Tuesday June 6th from 18:00 to 21:00 at the IOM Brussels meeting room 6th floor. 

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