There are many ways you can become involved in our mission of amplifying the influence & impact of African Diaspora Development Organizations. With your support, we can act more efficiently and make all the difference to someone.

ADEPT’s core services to diaspora organisations and individuals in Europe and Africa are:

  • Providing training and guidance
  • Producing directories and databases
  • Showcasing best practices
  • Disseminating information and announcements
  • Undertaking action research
  • Facilitating networking and partnerships
  • Conducting consultations and joint positions
  • Policy representations and negotiations
  • Positive images and representation of Africa

Here are some projects ADEPT already support:

#Partnership4Development Campaign


ADEPT is launching a media campaign titled Partnership4Development that will highlight the involvement and impact of African Diaspora organisations in development projects in Africa, with a particular attention on those implemented at local level, through the lens of the partnerships they create.


In order to better report on the changes brought about by ADEPT’s activities, impact missions are organized in Europe and Africa. They aim at reporting on the impact of diaspora support activities on development in Africa.


A project for knowledge sharing and sustainable development.

MODAL aims at structuring partnership projects between African diasporas and local organisations. By supporting organisations working in pairs on both continents and strengthening their skills, this initiative contributes to the implementation of local micro development projects in four African countries.

ADEPT and FAO’s partnership

Promoting the positive impact of migration and reducing rural poverty.



A mission impact has been carried out in the Gambia. The goal was to report on the results of the Diaspora Technical Support (DTS) awarded to Africa Centre, a member of ADEPT based in Ireland.

You can also discover the activities of ADEPT thoroughly through its Activities Report:

Engage in supporting positive influence and impact of African Diaspora Development Organizations.

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