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Africa-Europe Diaspora Development Platform (ADEPT)

ADEPT is a platform bringing together African diaspora development organisations (ADDOs) in Europe, active in the development of Africa. ADEPT works and engages with 62 countries (20 EU countries, plus The United Kingdom, Switzerland and Norway, and 39 African countries), providing services to diaspora organisations and individuals based in Europe and Africa. ADEPT’s mission is “to amplify the influence & impact of African Diaspora Development Organisations“.


ADEPT emerged out of the pilot Africa-Europe Platform [AEP] project which ran from 2010 to 2013, as part of the Joint Africa-EU Strategic Partnership [JASP], agreed at the 2007 Lisbon summit. The ADEPT Transition project ran from July 2014 to July 2017 and was implemented and managed by AFFORD (UK), with funding from the European Commission, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), and International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD). ADEPT is now registered in Belgium as an AISBL and has its office in Brussels since 2017.


ADEPT reinforces the development impact of African Diaspora Development Organizations (ADDOs) in Europe by offering them an inclusive, interactive and informative space for expression and action. ADEPT believes that by sharing expertise and professional experiences, ADDOs will strengthen their capacities as they act at the heart of migration and development policies and practices.


In particular, ADEPT assists Africa Diaspora-Development Organisations (ADDOs) to:

  • Optimise their development engagement in Africa
  • Professionalise their organisations and activities
  • Create effective partnerships in Europe and Africa
  • Expand and improve their development activities in Africa
  • Influence the policy and practice of development cooperation

ADEPT works with:

  • Diaspora organizations and businesses
  • Governments and policy makers
  • International Agencies and Development Organizations
  • Civil society organizations and universities.

    Key Membership Criteria

    Criteria and Obligations for African Diaspora-Development Organisations

    1. General Members

    According to ADEPT Statutes, to become a General Member, organisations must:

      A. Be legally registered as a not-for-profit organisation or association in Europe

      B. Have a majority of trustees who “identify themselves as being of African heritage”

      C. Commit to the purpose, aim and services of ADEPT

      D. Pay the membership fee

      E. Be strongly involved in the implementation of projects, programs and interventions in the field of development, in one or more African countries; or represent 10 or more organizations of the African Diaspora strongly involved in the achievement of projects, programs and interventions in the field of development, in one or more African countries.

      F. Prove an annual turnover of at least EUR 50,000 by means of the financial report of the previous year or a letter signed by the treasurer of the association confirming the turnover of the previous year.

    1. Associate Members

    Organisations that meet the criteria A to D, but DO NOT HAVE development projects in Africa, can be registered as Associate Members, with access to ADEPT services, the right to attend General Assembly meetings, but no right to vote. In addition, associate members must justify an annual turnover of at least EUR 10,000 by means of the financial report of the previous year or a letter signed by the treasurer of the association confirming the turnover of the previous year.

    1. Networkers

    All organisation interested can apply to be a networker. Individuals interested in joining ADEPT network are invited to register in the pool of consultants.

    ADEPT Membership Benefits

    ADEPT’s core services to diaspora organisations and individuals in Europe and Africa are:

    • Providing training and guidance
    • Producing directories and databases
    • Showcasing best practices
    • Disseminating information and announcements
    • Undertaking action research
    • Facilitating networking and partnerships
    • Conducting consultations and joint positions
    • Policy representations and negotiations
    • Positive images and representation of Africa

    ADDOs are encouraged to join the ADEPT network. Among the advantages of joining the network are:

    • Increased visibility for your organisation
    • Access to members’ updates, news and information about training and funding opportunities
    • Increased access to information on other ADDOs in our network
    • Identify potential partners and donors
    • Contribute to debates and discussions on migration and development, including consultations

    Registration procedure


    Complete the online Application Form (Information Fact Sheet) via the “Apply Now” button and include the following documents:

    1. Copy of the organisation’s Statutes / Articles of Association
    2. Copy of the organisation’s notice/certificate of registration from the official government register (showing registration name, number and date)
    3. Supporting document for the organisation’s latest accounts
    4. A copy of the passport/ID of the person representing your organisation at ADEPT and his/her deputy (we invite you to use a secure connection)