Communication & Engagement

Our communication and engagement activities aim to amplify the voice of the African Diaspora by putting our members at the heart of our content. In order for ADEPT to achieve its strategic objectives, we manage several activities such as media campaigns, ADEPT e-Mag, and events.


Media Campaigns

Our media campaigns aim to change the narrative and perception of the African diaspora. We create multimedia campaigns, sharing articles, videos, and images of changemakers, inspiring profiles, and innovative projects that contribute to the development of the African continent. 

From Women’s equality to leadership, entrepreneurship, youth engagement toward the citizens of the African continent, ADEPT’s media campaigns cover a wide range of themes.




ADEPT MAG is the voice of the African diaspora. Our magazine shares stories of diaspora engagement for development, diaspora communities in Europe, but also stories of champions that inspire us with their determination.

We publish concise articles based on interviews, human stories, and original research, showcasing new diaspora actors and innovations, as well as fresh ideas on migration and development.




We organise physical and digital events (Forums, High-level panels, webinars, etc.) to promote our platform’s values, to provide networking opportunities to broaden our members’ network of partners.