Digilogic: Boosting the cooperation and Strategic Partnership between European and African Digital Innovation Hubs

Written by Nnenna Ukwu

25 April 2023

DIGILOGIC is a H2020-funded project that kicked off in January 2021 and will last three years, till the end of 2023. DIGILOGIC, as a “network of networks”, will pave the way for startups, SMEs and innovators from both continents to jointly develop smart logistic solutions, in close cooperation with industries and investors, securing sustainability and success.

DIGILOGIC intends to build bridges between the islands of innovation scattered across Europe and Africa, leverage, strengthen and connect DIHs in Europe and Africa to build the first Smart Logistics Pan EU-Africa Digital Innovation Hub Network. Fostering a broad digital transformation in the African logistics sector.

It’s an EU-funded programme that helps migrants arriving at the Mediterranean coast get training in logistics, so that they have a skill if repatriated. Digilogic partnership is spread across Germany, Finland and Italy and 2 DIHs in Africa, reaching 9 countries: Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, South Africa, Kenya, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Mozambique

Logistics is a great focus area as it is vital for humanitarian aid and it creates a lot of skilled jobs, especially transporting goods for manufacturing. It is often overlooked in economic development, this is why we are excited to announce ADEPT’s partnership with Digilogic on this project.

ADEPT will support Digilogic by promoting its activities and developing ideas to enable, facilitate, and run logistics innovation.

To read more about Digilogic, kindly visit their website: https://digilogic.africa/

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