ADEPT well Represented During the Commemoration of the African Union Day and AU Flag Raising Ceremony in Canada

Written by Nnenna Ukwu

26 June 2023

The president of ADEPT, Alexis Neuberg was present at the Commemoration of African Union Day and AU Flag Raising Ceremony 2023 in Ontario, Canada. This 3-day event, implemented under the auspices of the African Union 6th Region, Canada(AU6RC) and the African Union Economic Social and Cultural Council (AU-ECOSOCC) was an opportunity for the delegations from AU, ECOSOCC, AU6RC, as well as members/representatives from Ontario’s provincial parliament, to interact in a bilateral networking meeting to discuss the implementation of ECOSOCC’s strategic priorities for diaspora engagement.

The event which started on 24 May kicked off with a technical workshop to review and validate the Draft resolution of ECCOSOC in order to provide for a good representation of the Diaspora. On 25 May, the flag-raising ceremony was celebrated. This was followed by a networking and bilateral meeting with members from Ontario’s provincial parliament. On 26 May, a trade and investment roundtable was held. The round table falls against the backdrop of the AU theme for the African Day 2023 “Acceleration of AfCFTA Implementation” and laid the  groundwork for a proposed “Annual Trade and Investment Mission for African Diaspora in Canada/North America Area.” They discussed ways and means to promote Diaspora Integration into the AU Common Market that is currently being deployed on the continent. Participants were able to explore the various business and investment opportunities as well as the prioritize sectors that can be strengthened within the framework of a sectoral and private partnership.

In his capacity as President of ADEPT, which currently represents the Diaspora as the 6th Region of the African Union, Mr. Alexis NEUBERG insisted during the closing ceremony on a close collaboration between the 6th region and the authorities of the African Union, including CIDO and ECOSOC. This collaboration must aim for concrete actions to promote the IMPACT of the engagement of the diaspora in African development, to reconsider the existing potentialities and to develop them in order to rely first on its own capacity and to relaunch an AFRICAN RENAISSANCE BY ITS OWN DIASPORA, with a view to setting up economic mechanisms supported by sustained funding. He therefore called for support for the ADEPT Initiative in the establishment of the “DIASPORA IMPACT FUND” to guarantee the continuity of projects and programs carried out by the African diaspora.

He insists on the fact that African history as a whole must serve as a lesson to us in the present in order to be able to draw the future well, and no longer continue to cling to history but above all to draw up a future supported by innovative and promising actions for the African people and the world in general. He recalled that the way remains to be done in the establishment of a climate or atmosphere favorable to the engagement of the diaspora, hence the need to continue the efforts of drafting and the resonance of a charter on the diaspora engagement that ADEPT is designing.

He praised the efforts of UA which continues to consolidate the commitment of the diaspora and promised that the 6th region will spare no effort to carry “THE MOTHER CONTINENT” higher than ever. He finally thanked the AU6 Region CANADA, whose president is Mr. Macaulay Kalu, as well as all his team for the welcome and especially the initiative to organize this workshop, the commemoration ceremonies of the 60th anniversary of the AU as well as for the proper organization of the work.

Some stakeholders present at the event include HE Hilda SUKA-MAFUDZA (Ambassadrice de l UA aux USA), Mr. Osei Kyeretwie (chef des Programmes de l’ECOSOC), Dr. John Nze-Beatram (President Panafrican- Australian Network- 6e AU Région Australie), Mme Betty Mupenda (Directrice en exercice du CIDO-AU) Dr. Macaulay KALU (President AU6 Région CANADA); Garfield Fray (AU6 Région CANADA); Mr. Khalid Boudali (President de l’ECOSOC- AU).


From the right: Mr. Osei Kyeretwie (chef des Programmes de l’ECOSOC) ; Dr. John Nze-Beatram (President Panafrican- Australian Network- 6e AU Région Australie); Mme Betty Mupenda (Directrice en exercice du CIDO-AU) Mr. Alexis NEUBERG (President d ADEPT- AU6e REGION); Dr. Macaulay KALU (President AU6 Région CANADA); Garfield Fray (AU6 Région CANADA); Mr. Khalid Boudali (President de l’ECOSOC- AU)

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