ADEPT’s Activities report 2020

Written by Kholoud EL MORABET

29 June 2021

The year 2020 will forever be engraved in our minds as the beginning of one of the greatest health crises known to mankind: the COVID‐19 pandemic. It has changed the world, our economies, our social lives, our ability to move freely and has affected all sectors of activity. For a non-profit organisation like ADEPT and its members, the pandemic has brought new challenges and major changes, both internally and externally. She forced us to use creative and innovative approaches to perform our missions, while staying safe, due to social distancing rules.

Throughout the year, ADEPT has remained close to this diaspora, true to its mission to amplify and influence the impact of African Diaspora development organisations that have once again proven themselves to be key players due to the effectiveness and consistency of their commitment. Our media campaign «African Diaspora, Covid‐19 Heroes Unmasked», testifies to the resilience of African Diaspora development organisations, which are passionate about contributing to the improvement of the lives of their communities in the countries of residence and origin, whatever the constraints. For example and contrary to forecasts, remittances remained significant in 2020, confirming the commitment of migrants to financially support their country of origin through thick and thin.

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