#Partnership4Development Campaign

Written by Kholoud EL MORABET

12 April 2022


Africa-Europe Diaspora Development Platform [ADEPT] is a pan-European network of the African diaspora organisations. Our aim is to improve and enhance the capacity and impact of the African diaspora organisations engaged in development activities in Africa.

ADEPT is launching a media campaign titled Partnership4Development that will highlight the involvement and impact of African Diaspora organisations in development projects in Africa, with a particular attention on those implemented at local level, through the lens of the partnerships they create.

Through written and filmed portraits of ADEPT’s partners (FAO, IOM, GIZ) as well as African diaspora organisations carrying out local development projects with partners such as institutional and development actors
, the aim of this campaign is to:

– Show diaspora organisations do not act in silo but are involved in multiple partnershipsdynamics with actors in Africa and Europe;

– Highlight the multiplier effect of partnerships in development;

– Illustrate the contribution of diaspora actions to local development in Africa;

– Underline the added value of African Diaspora Development Organisations (ADDOs) as development actors and the importance of mainstreaming them in development-related  policymaking and decision-making processes.

The partnership dynamic being at the heart of this campaign
, it aims to show examples of successful collaborations between diaspora organisations and other actors. The campaign will therefore also put to the fore fruitful partnerships and collaborations formed by ADEPT and which do not necessarily emphasize and/or support local development actions.

You can see the result of the campaign below:


– ADEPT and FAO partnership: EN

– ADEPT and IOM partnership: EN / FR

– Introduction to the project MODAL: EN / FR

– MODAL – Pencum Leona HLM: EN / FR


– MODAL – Train & Travel: EN / FR




– MODAL – Mahssoul Tassaout: EN / FR / AR


ADEPT and FAO’s partnership:

– Promoting the positive impact of migration and reducing rural poverty: EN / FR

– Tapping into diaspora communities to promote rural development in Uganda: EN / FR

ADEPT and IOM’s partnership:

– Developing the potential of diasporas: EN / FR

– Strengthening partnerships in the digital space to empower diasporas: EN / FR

ADEPT and GIZ’s partnership:

– The contribution of diasporas from the North and the South to local development: EN / FR

– MODAL, a project for knowledge sharing and sustainable development: EN / FR

– Entrepreneurship training to fight youth unemployment in Saint-Louis: EN / FR

– Hydroponic barley project, a revolutionary crop in Morocco: EN / FR

– Ecotourism Training for 35 Women in Attécoubé for Sustainable Tourism: EN / FR

– School Infrastructures to Promote Equal Opportunities for girls in Nemataba: EN / FR

– Short food supply chains through women’s entrepreneurship à Bamako: EN / FR

– Solar energy to reduce the mortality rate in childbirth: EN / FR

– Women’s empowerment in an organic products Cooperative in Morocco: EN / FR


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