Written by Nnenna Ukwu

16 May 2023

Are you a Congolese living in Belgium? Have you come across this survey launched by MIEUX-initiative, a programme funded by the EU and implemented by ICMPD to improve the services of your consulate or embassy?Are you yet to fill it out to help improve the services of your consular? Kindly click here


This survey is launched by MIEUX + Initiative (Migration EU eXpertise), a programme funded by the EU and implemented by ICMPD. In collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, MIEUX has initiated a project that aims at supporting the development of a Consular Protection Plan for the Democratic Republic of Congo. One of the activities is to consult the Congolese diaspora on their experience in consular services in order to include their input in the Plan.

This survey takes a maximum of 15 minutes to complete, is anonymous and confidential and is a way to contribute to the future consular plans of the DRC. Your personal data will not be collected. The answers will be saved on a secure server in Europe and analyzed by a team of researchers.

Feel free to share the link to the online survey with people in your network. If you have any questions, please contact the research team: mieux-initiative@icmpd.org . To learn more about MIEUX + initiative, kindly visit their website at http://www.mieux-initiative.eu/ .



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