Member Spotlight: Humanitas Africa

Written by Nnenna Ukwu

16 May 2023

In this edition of our newsletter, we are featuring HUMANITAS AFRIKA. Founded in 2000 by a set of young Africans and Czechs in Prague, Humanitas Afrika aims to promote mutual tolerance and understanding between Czechs and Africans and raise awareness of Africa, Africans and their culture in Czech society. It generally supports and strengthens good and friendly relations between the Czech Republic and Africa, and by extension between Europe and Africa.

In 2021, Humanitas Afrikas launched a youtube channel called Ubuntu Is Parada, a project that seeks to introduce the work of their organization and promote some of their activities on social media. UBUNTU is an African philosophy which means “I am because you are”.  This shows humanity to be interconnected and interdependent. PARÁDA is a beautiful Czech word that translates as ‘cool’. Therefore, ‘Ubuntu Is Paráda’ is a great human value to strive for and promote. It is an outstanding initiative as the strength of the diaspora is built on the fact that humanity thrives on interconnectedness and interdependence.

The channel covers stories, news, live discussions and interviews, on various aspects of Africans in the Czech Republic and diaspora.

Watch the introductory video here to learn more.

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