ADEPT at the 2nd Diaspora Engagement Forum in Vienna

Written by ADEPT

13 June 2018

The  ADEPT Platform, represented by the President Khady Sakho Niang and the Vice-President Alexis NEUBERG took part in the 2nd Diaspora Engagement Forum organised on the 3rd and 4th of May, 2018 in Vienna by the African Institute for Remittances in collaboration with Europe-based Diaspora organisations and the Global African Diaspora Studies (GADS) Research Platform, University of Vienna.

The event gathered together members of several diaspora organisations to share best practices and propose solutions on the following topics:  ‘Leveraging Diaspora Remittances for SME development in Africa: implementing innovative strategies’ , ‘Leveraging Diaspora remittances for the development of African SME: Implementing Innovative strategies amongt others

The video of the conference is available now here.

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