AMADOU BOCAR SAM received the Gold Medal of Civic Merit from the city council of Barcelona

Written by ADEPT

10 June 2018



The City Council of Barcelona awarded the Gold Medal of Civic Merit to Mr. Amadou Bocar Sam, President of the Coordination des Associations Sénégalaises de la Catalogne (CASC), in recognition of his career in the defense of Human Rights.

The City Council plenum approved the award for the work of Amadou Bocar Sam in the defense of migrants from an intercultural perspective and citizenship rights.
Amadou Bocar Sam is living in Catalonia for more than 25 years and is a reference for the African community and, specifically, the Senegalese. Amadou has contributed to make visible the immigrant community of Barcelona.

ADEPT congratulated Mr. Amadou Bocar Sam, specifying that this award represents ‘…our common victory and common engagement of the whole Diaspora community’.

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