Written by Kholoud EL MORABET

25 February 2022

Between September 2021 and February 2022, iDiaspora, GRFDT, CISAN and ADEPT have organised an online certificate programme around the theme of ‘Migration Governance and Diaspora Engagement’.

The Certificate Programme is interdisciplinary and policy oriented, with lecturers drawn from various sectors. Sharing their experiences with the students, they helped them develop a nuanced understanding of the dynamics of international migration and diaspora engagement.


This certificate programme has covered both theoretical and practical aspects of migration governance and diaspora engagement in 11 different blocks.

– Block 1: Understanding International Migration and Diaspora

– Block 2: Migration and Development

– Block 3: Migration Data and Statistics

– Block 4: Migration and Policy

– Block 5: Migration Governance and Multilateral Organizations

– Block 6: Global Compact for Migration

– Block 7: Crises and Humanitarian Response

– Block 8: Migration and Law

– Block 9: Policy Coherence

– Block 10: Mapping Migration Policies

– Block 11: Diaspora Engagement in Development


ADEPT has contributed in the last Block of the course, namely Block 11 – Diaspora Engagement in Development. As a partner, we were allowed to select our four experts who would go on to teach. Here is the list:

– 12/02/2022 – Unit 40: Digital Divide and Diaspora, teacher José Luis Benitez (Researcher)

– 17/02/2022 – Unit 41: Diaspora Advocacy and Resource Mobilisation, teacher Sahra Ahmed Koshin (Director, Somalia Gender Hub)

– 19/02/2022 – Unit 42: Knowledge and Skill Transfer, teacher Fatumo Farah (Executive Director Hirda)

– 24/02/2022 – Unit 43: Diaspora Economic Contributions, teacher Leon Isaacs (CEO DMA Global)


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