ADEPT’s new structure

Written by Kholoud EL MORABET

28 February 2022

By a decision from the Board of Trustees, ADEPT’s Executive Team moves to the organisational model of co-direction – Programmes and Operations; and a collegial General Direction.

ADEPT has adopted a hybrid organisational model taking into account the functional organisation chart, but with a collegial governance. It means that the position of General Director is henceforth collegial; assumed in a rotation of every 6 months, by each of the two executive directors. The General Direction is responsible for all actions serving as a link with the President, the Board of Trustees and/or the General Assembly.

The two executive directors are respectively in charge of Programmes and Operations:

Under the Programmes’ Direction are : Communication, Partnership, Policy and Advocacy and Capacity Development.

Under the Operations’ Direction are : HR, Fundraising and Budgets, Development of new Projects, Governance, Finance and Accounting.

The co-executive directors are Mirana Rajoharison, Programmes, and Samla da Rosa, Operations.

Discover more here ADEPT’s Executive Team and their contact information.

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