Written by Kholoud EL MORABET

3 May 2021

ADEPT launches its second “Seed funding” call for projects to support initiatives led by African diaspora organisations in Europe and Africa, open until 30 May 2021 for projects taking place between July 2021 and May 2022.

By accompanying them in the launching of a project in Europe or in Africa, this programme aims at strengthening the capacities for intervention of African diaspora associations and organisations and to make their actions more visible.

This programme is managed by the Africa-Europe Diaspora Development Platform [ADEPT] with co-funding from the European Union, through the International Centre for Migration Policy Development [ICMPD] and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation [SDC].


Eligible organisations

– African diaspora organisations based in Europe and legally registered for more than a year

– Organisations that are part of the ADEPT network as a member or networker.

Click here to register your organisation.

Applications from individuals are not eligible.


Eligible initiatives

The initiatives can take place in the 54 African countries and the 27 European countries, plus Norway, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

For initiatives in Africa, a partner in the country of implementation must be involved.

There is no limit to the sectors of intervention. Actions can take the form of events, development projects, communication campaigns, training, as long as they play an active role in strengthening the activities of the applicant organisation.

Actions may not be carried out for the benefit of a single individual.


Eligible amounts

Seed fundings are designed as co-financing and should not exceed 80% of the total budget of the project.

  • Amount allocated for projects in Europe: €3,790
  • Amount allocated for projects in Africa: €5,730

Organisations that have already received a grant may apply for double the amount.


COVID-19 specific measure:

Transport costs are covered as long as they respect the sanitary and regulatory measures in force in the countries of destination and departure. As a precautionary measure, please present an alternative solution to your project if the health situation does not allow you to carry out the actions as planned. Alternatively, online activities can be suggested.


Provisional calendar

Launch of the session April 29, 2021
Application deadline May 30, 2021
Announcement of laureates July 8, 2021
1st installment payment (70%) Starting July 12, 2021


For more information on the eligibility criteria and the content of the application, please consult:


For any question or request for information, please contact:

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