Webinar – Diaspora Humanitarianism : intergenerational engagement and leadership

Written by Kholoud EL MORABET

27 January 2022

To explore different angles of diaspora’s engagement in humanitarian assistance, IOM UK in collaboration with Shabaka, ADEPT and IOM mission in Washington DC has organised a series of three free-to-attend webinars.


This third and final webinar will explore :

– Diasporas’ motivations and approaches to engage in humanitarian and development initiatives in their countries of origin and beyond;

– Generational differences in approaches to supporting humanitarian and development intervention, crisis and recovery;

– How motivations evolve and can be sustained.


Panelists representing different diaspora organisations and groups will address the importance of promoting diaspora leadership to challenge ‘business as usual’ in the humanitarian and development sectors, and contribute to the delivery of the ‘localisation agenda’.


The discussion will also touch on how to harness the potential of diaspora inter-generational engagement and learning as part of broader approaches to tackling crises that span the humanitarian-development-peace nexus.


To attend this webinar planned for Monday, February 14th 2022 at 3:00pm GMT// 4:00 pm CET // 10:00 am ESTPLEASE REGISTER HERE.

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