Webinar and Live Q&A with Gibril Faal

Written by ADEPT

24 May 2016

Webinar and Live Q&A with Gibril Faal

As we move towards the legal registration of ADEPT, we invite you to our monthly webinar and online Q&A with ADEPT’s Interim Director Gibril Faal on 31st May 2016 from 4PM to 6PM CET (3PM to 5 PM UK time).

Agenda of the webinar:

1-       Discussion on current Grants  opportunities for ADDOs

2-       Presentation from Mbemba Jabbi on ADEPT’s Dual Citizenship research

3-       How to join as a member and what ADEPT can do for you

4-       News and Updates


Email events@afford-uk.org to register your interest.

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