The Future City of Africa conference

Written by ADEPT

24 May 2016

Will African Cities leave New York City in the dust?

The Future City of Africa conference is taking place in Nairobi Kenya on the 9 – 11 June 2016.

UNHabitat predicts that 700 million people will be added to the cities of Africa in the next 35 years. That means an entire New York city needs to be built – every six months until 2050!

This is a huge challenge, but also a unique opportunity to rethink the African city of the future, leapfrogging over the infrastructure of the 20th century and create a smart, sustainable, 21st century city based on African needs, African culture and African environment. Africa has already taken the lead when it comes to mobile banking and mobile health. New solutions are being developed and thanks to limited infrastructure getting in the way, they can actually be implemented faster in Africa than anywhere else.

The rapid development of the cities in Africa opens up the same opportunities for redesigning the city – based on the latest mobile and sensor technologies and the internet of things. African cities are not stuck in old infrastructure which gives them a big advantage to get ahead in developing the smart city of the future.

The Future City of Africa conference will bring together the brightest minds of Africa. Up and coming thought leaders that are already shaping the future. Visionary architects, brave entrepreneurs, mad innovators and critical authors. Investors and business people that are ready to think out of the box and build the business of tomorrow. Mayors that care about the future of their city and the prosperity of their people. Over 40 top level speakers from Africa and beyond, participants from then 30 different countries and investors from Silicon Valley, Europe and Africa. This is an event not to miss.

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