Webinar and Live Q&A with Gibril Faal

Written by ADEPT

28 June 2016

Webinar and Live Q&A with Gibril Faal


As we move towards the legal registration of ADEPT, we invite you to our monthly webinar and online Q&A with ADEPT’s Interim Director Gibril Faal on Thursday 30th June 2016 from 4PM to 6PM CET (3PM to 5 PM UK time).

Agenda of the webinar:

1. Discussion on current Grants  opportunities for ADDOs by Najatte Kaaoiss, member of ADEPT’s Advisory Council

2. Presentation from Naluwembe Binaisa on ADEPT’s research on African Diaspora Integration in Europe and Anti-discrimination in Employment Law & Practice

3. How to join as a member and what ADEPT can do for you

4. News and Updates

Email events@adept-platform.org to register your interest.

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