ADEPT Dual Citizenship Research Survey for the Diaspora & Government-Civil Society Agencies

Written by ADEPT

29 June 2016


ADEPT has commissioned a Dual Citizenship research, conducted by Mbemba Jabbi, as part of our wider engagement with the African Diaspora in Europe, aimed to develop policies that will inform our work.

Diaspora Questionnaire:

The aim of the Diaspora questionnaire below is to consult diverse range of individuals and African Diaspora development organisations in Europe on dual citizenship; why it is important to have dual citizenship, the advantages and disadvantages; challenges and opportunities and to help the ADEPT network in adopting common positions on the importance of Dual Citizenship from Diasporas point of view to engage African countries on dual citizenship policies. Please do not hesitate to pass on the survey above to your African Diaspora colleagues, friends and family to take part.

Diaspora Questionnaire here 


Government Questionnaire

The aim of the questionnaire is to access the specific development inputs and actions that African civil societies and governments need, want and expect from African Diaspora in Europe and to address unsuccessful Diaspora interventions and the factors that will allow these interventions to be considered successful from the point of views of stakeholders in African countries. Please do not hesitate to pass on the survey link above to your friends and colleagues to take part.

Government Questionnaire here

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