Webinar with Amadou Cisse (AIR) and Danielle Briche (MEETAfrica)

Written by ADEPT

19 August 2016

Webinar with Amadou Cisse (AIR) and Danielle Briche (MEETAfrica) 

We are pleased to announce that ADEPT’s monthly webinar will take place on Wednesday 31 August from 4:30PM to 6:30PM CET (3:30PM to 5:30 PM UK time). The webinar will be moderated by Gibril Faal, ADEPT’s Interim Director.

Agenda of the webinar:

1. Welcome and update on ADEPT’s recent activities by Gibril Faal

2. Discussion with Amadou Cisse, Interim Director of  the AU’s African Institute for Remittance (AIR) on plans to reduce remittance costs to 3% in 10 African countries by 2020 and the Nairobi Action Plan on Remittances

3. Presentation on MEETAfrica’s call for proposal from Danielle Briche, Deputy Head of the Entrepreneurs program in Africa at Campus France

MEETAFRICA’s objective is to provide support to African entrepreneurs (students, young researchers or young qualified professionals) who studied and graduated from French or German higher education institutions and are interested in setting up technology enterprises or enterprises supporting innovative solutions in agriculture, industry or services in their country of origin (Algeria, Cameroon, Mali, Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia). Read more about the MEETAfrica program here .

The Nairobi Action Plan on Remittances was agreed at ADEPT’s Fifth Diaspora Development Dialogue in Kenya, on 28 July 2016. Read more about the Nairobi Action Plan here .

Email events@adept-platform.org to register your interest.

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