GFMD: Civil Society Days

Written by ADEPT

29 June 2017

GFMD: Civil Society Days

29 June & 1 July; Common Space 30 June

ADEPT and AFFORD are participating in a range of different meetings and side events at this year’s Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD).

“Safe, Orderly, Regular Migration Now: Mechanics of a Compact Worth Agreeing to” is the theme of the GFMD Civil Society Days 2017As implied in this motto, the CSD programme, which is currently being finalized (see latest draft), will entirely focus on the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration.

More on ADEPT and AFFORD’s participation here.

Watch GFMD 2017 Civil Society Days live here

Grand Rapporteur, Tenth GFMD Summit

Gibril Faal will serve as Grand Rapporteur for Common Space between governments, civil society and business at the Global Forum on Migration and Development.

His roles will include:

  • Presentation on ‘From Principles to Practices’ at the opening of Civil Society Days (CSD);
  • Chairing Business Meeting on ‘Entrepreneurship and Circular Migration in the 21st Century’;
  • ‘Closing Remarks on Common Space’;
  • Chairing Tea Table Meeting on ‘Dedicated Diaspora and Match Funding’;
  • ‘Opening Remarks on CSD Commitments’.

The government co-chairs will be Amb. Gotz Schmidt-Bremme of Germany and Mr Al Nadir Habib of Morocco; the civil society chair will be Ms Wies Maas and the co-chair will be Ms Berenice Valdez Rivera; the GCM rapporteur will be Dr Kathleen Newland; the keynote speaker will be Ms Louise Arbour, Special Representative of the Secretary General of the UN.

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