ADEPT recognised as the voice of the 6th Region of the African continent

Written by Kholoud EL MORABET

12 December 2022

Under the invitation of CIDO, the African Union Division in charge of Diaspora within the African Union Department in charge of Diaspora and Citizenship, representatives from the 6 plus 2 regions came together for a three day working session from  28 to 30. 11. 2022 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to facilitate a platform “for join learning and exchange for the steering committee and the African Union Commission towards sustainable engagement of the African diaspora, as well as ensuring the participation of the diaspora as the sixth region of the continent”.

Mr Alexis Neuberg, as president of ADEPT (Africa-Europe Diaspora Development Platform) and as representative of the African sixth Region ( means African Diaspora) was invited to give the opening remarks at the Diaspora Focal  Points’6+2 Steering Committee workshop.

In his opening remark, Mr Alexis Neuberg, thanked AUC through the CIDO division for the attention payed to African Diaspora. He exhorted the representatives to enhance the competitions in order to maximise the synergies, to ensure a good networking an assure an operative partnership among all auteurs.

The participants in this meeting proceeded at the end of the day to evaluate the Agenda of the
then original priorities and fixed seven from them for the three coming years.
Among these even priorities : enhancing the cooperation among all regions, political
and economic, ensuring women and youth are good taken in consideration, promoting and
developing a communication strategies, and ensuring all measures are taken to assure the
funding for the diaspora engagement as well in Africa and out of Africa.

Many actions will be taken for 2023 in order to concretise the action plan such as:
– Organisation of diaspora Forum in Africa and in Europe as well
– Mobilisation of the regional economic regions
– Enhance the legitimization and functionalities of regional representative
– Develop communication strategies and tools, starting with e communication portal
– Etc…

The participants considered special attention will be also taken to that the national Diasporas, means
all African living on the continent but out of their countries.

Since COVID 19 handicapped, the agenda of the actual steering committee, the participants agreed
that the actual mandate of this committee will be extended to 2024.

The current committee of Six Regions +2 is composed as follow :

  • Southern Africa : Mozambique
  • Central Africa : Central Africa Republic
  • North Africa : Algeria
  • West Africa : Liberia
  • East Africa : Kenya
  • Diaspora : Africa-Europe Diaspora Development Platform ( ADEPT)

Diaspora Observer +2

  • Australia/Asia : Pan-African Australasian Diaspora Network ( PAADN)
  • Canada/America & Caribbean : African Unity sixth Region, Canada ( AU6RC)


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