ADEPT DDD11 – Diaspora Intervention and Participation in Dialogues and Their Contribution to Local Development

Written by ADEPT

6 December 2019

Diaspora Intervention and Participation in Dialogues and Their Contribution to Local Development

ADEPT DDD11 – Barcelona, Spain


On 28-30 November 2019, the Africa-Europe Diaspora Development Platform [ADEPT], La Coordinadora d’Associacions Senegaleses De Catalunya [CASC], Agència Catalana de Cooperació al Desenvolupament [ACCD],Fons Català de Cooperació al Desenvolupament [FCCD] in partnership with Ajuntament de Barcelona, Secretaria d’Igualtat, Migracions i Ciutadania, Fundación Cepaim, Direction Générale Des Sénégalais De l’Extérieur [DGSE], L’Agence de Développement et d’Encadrement des Petites et Moyennes Entreprises [ADEPME], Taula Catalana de Codesenvolupament, Reial Cercle Artistic held the Eleventh Diaspora Development Dialogue [DDD11] on ‘Diaspora Intervention and Participation in Dialogues and Their Contribution to Local Development’ in Barcelona, Spain.

The event gathered more than 80 participants coming from more than 30 countries, including Senior Officials from the Senegalese, Belgian, Spanish Governments, representatives of  regional and international organisations and institutions, such as the IOM, as well as the leaders of 70 African diaspora organisations based in Europe and Africa.

The overall objective of DDD11 discussions was to identify and explore good practices and tangible and effective measures to strengthen diasporas’ capacities to ensure their role as development actors in a transnational perspective.

More specifically:

  • Maintain multi-stakeholder consultation spaces to identify and develop sustainable projects capable of improving the living conditions of the populations in migrants and diasporas’ countries of origin.
  • Support the work of Senegalese diaspora representatives in parliamentary and other institutions in their countries of origins while they remain based in their host countries.
  • Promote the convergence and exchanges with their counterparts in host countries to gain experience and visibility in the double space.

DDD11 aimed to deepen the debate and reflection regarding diasporas’ contribution and engagement with local authorities to build a concerted dynamic of local development, based on good governance and participatory mechanisms.

DDD11 enabled participants to produce a proposal of the Declaration on ‘Diaspora Intervention and Participation in Dialogues and their Contribution to Local Development’ available for consultation on the web site of the DDD

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