ADEPT attended the MADE online Open Civil Society webinar on the updates on the GCM – June 27, 2018

Written by ADEPT

28 June 2018

On June 27, 2018, ADEPT took part in the 3rd webinar for  civil society on the updates on the Global Compact on Migration negotiations organised by MADE network.
The negotiations happened in three rounds in order to obtain the zero draft of the compact. The agenda had three panels to discuss, including the introduction, the timeline, the GCM adoption process and civil society participation and the reflections on the GCM negotiations.

ADEPT asked a question about the non-legally binding character of the GCM and its impact on the implementation of the GCM by member states

ADEPT is closely following the GCM negotiations and will participate in the final Conference on GCM in December in Morocco. Stay tune!
The webinar is one of the first organised by MADE in order to follow the negotiations and updates on the GCM process and the next one will be organised soon in order to discuss the civil society actions to implement it.

The webinar is available below:



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