ADEPT at EDD17: Towards a world with no more ‘left-behinds’

Written by ADEPT

16 May 2017

ADEPT EDD17 Brainstorming Session: Mobility, Investment, and Development


Migration and mobility have become among the most politicised issues of the 21st century, and poses significant challenges and opportunities for global development over the next decade. Globalisation, mass travel, and mass communications have undoubtedly contributed to socio- economic development around the world, and raised millions out of poverty.  At the same time, its benefits and weaknesses have been spread very unevenly.

Dysfunctional and irregular migration, whether due to conflict, humanitarian emergency, or poverty, is but one symptom of this phenomenon whose ripples have once again been felt in Europe over the few years, from Valetta to Vienna. Migrants from Africa to Europe tend to be young people, and until and unless young people have access to viable livelihoods – and jobs – in countries of origin, this pattern is set to continue, Moreover, climate change is likely to exacerbate existing ‘push’ factors underpinning regular and irregular migration alike.

Issues of youth, job creation, and migration will form important points of discussion in the forthcoming Africa-EU summit. Both the EC’s Consensus on Development and the UN Global Compact on Migration (GCM) recognise that an important challenge for civil society, governments, and the private sector alike is how to encourage mobility and investment for development.

This timely brainstorming session will be chaired by Gibril Faal OBE, Co-Director of ethical investment firm GK Partners and Interim Executive of ADEPT, in partnership with African Diaspora Network Europe (ADNE), and will also include ADEPT board members FORIM (whose Génération Climat project examines the role of young people in helping to combat climate change here and there), ACP Young Professionals Network (ACP/YPN), and others.

The session will focus on producing practical solution and recommendations relating to the UN Global Compact on Migration and the forthcoming Africa-EU summit in Adbdjan, Ivory Coast.  As part of the New York Declaration of the GCM launched on 19 September 2016, Member-States have agreed to focus on ‘principles, commitments, and understandings’ on the different dimensions of migration. The session will therefore seek to produce recommendations that respond to principles, actions, and omissions.

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