ADEPT’s Technical Support to Gambia’ new Cabinet Minister

Written by ADEPT

22 February 2017

As part of ADEPT’s Diaspora Technical Support, Gibril Faal provided support to the new Gambian Cabinet Ministers, who were sworn-in after two months of political impasse, which made the headlines globally. On Saturday, 11 February 2017, Gibril led an all day induction workshop on the topic of ‘Operational Excellence: The Practice of Good Governance’. The induction workshop was attended by 10 of the 12 appointed Ministers.

This was complemented between 9 to 17 February 2017 by one-to-one debriefings with 7 Cabinet Members, being the Vice President, and the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Finance, Trade and Employment, Interior, Local Government, and Environment.

Consultations with, and support of Ministers will continue to help them develop their reform programmes. On 13 February 2017, Gibril also held a one-to-one debriefing with President Adama Barrow on the theme of development priorities and implementing a reform agenda. The induction was the news headline 11 February 2017 on Gambia Radio and Television Service (GRTS).

The induction support programme was funded by ADEPT and organised by GK Partners and the Office of the President (Government of The Gambia).

Read the programme here.

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