EU-Africa – ADEPT statement

Written by ADEPT

10 March 2020

EU-Africa – ADEPT statement


In the framework of the European Commission’s and the European External Action Service’s vision of the future EU-Africa partnership, ADEPT made a statement.

“This timely strategy must pave the way for a genuine relation between equal partners that has learned from past failures, has the ability to boost Africa’s structural transformation and takes heed of the fact that Africa has over the year developed multiple partnerships with new and very diverse actors. ADEPT calls for the close association of the African diaspora, notably its organizations conducting development actions in Africa, which plays a major – albeit understated – role in Africa’s development. The African diaspora’s human and financial capital must thus be given center stage. Our organization also invites the European Union and the Africa Union to establish a real multi-stakeholders’ partnership providing appropriate space for civil society in Africa and in Europe.” – Carine Nsoudou, ADEPT – Executive Director



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