Written by ADEPT

12 November 2020



Following the launch of the Seed funding call for proposals on 4 September 2020, ADEPT received 20 applications from organisations based in 9 European countries. 18 of them were submitted for analysis by an independent external jury, following verification of their eligibility according to the criteria defined in the internal rules.

14 organisations were awarded during a Jury Committee meeting held on 23 October 2020, for projects to be carried out between 2020 and 2021. In total, more than €87,800 has been allocated for the implementation of these initiatives, of which 50% directed towards Africa and 14% online.

For the record, the Seed funding programme is designed to support African Diaspora organisations based in Europe in launching a first initiative or co-financing larger scale projects in Europe or Africa. By doing so, it aims at strengthening the intervention capacities and enhance the visibility of the contribution of African Diaspora organisations in Europe and Africa.

Winning organisations are listed here

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