The digital response of the Cameroonian diaspora in Germany to Coronavirus

Written by ADEPT

16 September 2020

The digital response of the Cameroonian diaspora in Germany to Coronavirus


Owing to the major role played by African diaspora organisations and individuals in the African continent’s development, ADEPT, the Africa-Europe Diaspora Development Platform, is keen to highlight initiatives of the African diaspora based in the EU but also in Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Norway. ADEPT works towards achieving a main goal: improving and strengthening the capacity and impact of African diaspora organizations involved in Africa’s development activities.

Through this article, ADEPT wishes to honour Steve Kommogne, a German/Cameroonian computer engineer, who has been living in Germany for 20 years. However, he has not forgotten Africa and has put his technical skills at the service of his dear continent. He has thus created VKII e.V, an association of Cameroonian engineers and computer scientists, which immediately reacted to the pandemic by launching the “Diaspora Against COVID-19” movement. This movement is carrying ambitious projects, currently being deployed in the health, energy, education and economic sectors, thanks to fundraising and partnerships with various SMEs.

VKII e.V. and health

Creating and sharing apps, financing rapid and efficient tests, providing hydro gels, installing automatic taps to encourage hand washing etc. The initiatives are plethoric and result in very concrete achievements such as:

  • The maMED application (Mobile Application for Medical Documentation): offers individual monitoring of each person in isolation or at home. Hospitals are thus relieved of congestion. Patients under observation can also benefit from a Written Chat or Video Call functionality.
  • Easy Biotech: a partner of the association specialized in high quality medical analysis, offers PCR tests for Coronavirus, IgG antibodies to COVID-19, and medical and dietary support for “non-immunized” patients in order to strengthen their immune systems.
  • Perfectpur: A solution with bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal effect, which destroys most pathogens on the hands and strengthens the immune system.
  • HelloDocteur: which objective is to create the practices and hospitals of the future, through its web and mobile application.

VKII e.V. and energy

In order to counter the harmful consequences of the power cuts that hospitals in Cameroon are experiencing, the association would like to finance the installation of solar systems, in particular thanks to its partners:

  • Winsolartech sarl: a photovoltaic system that should allow 24/24 power supply, medical devices in operating theatres.
  • Soled technology: this solar kit will allow to supply 10 rooms with 5W LED lamps, allowing the patients to undergo more relieving.

VKII e.V. and education

The association’s ambition is to put – as much as possible – digital technology at the service of education, in particular thanks to the KTC Home Service, a product of the KTC Center group. With this partner, the association’s objective is to provide 30 Cameroonian families with computers for the training of children at home in order to reduce the risk of contamination of children outside the home.

VKII e.V. and the economy

To help boost Cameroon’s economy after the crisis, the association has planned to deploy a vast fundraising programme.

To connect with VKII e.V and follow its projects:

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