10 ADEPT Achievements in 2014/15

Written by ADEPT

14 October 2015

Between 2014 and 2015 ADEPT has:

• Provided accredited professional training to 100 people (ADDOs) resident in 15 European countries with origins in 30 African countries including Guinea Bissau, Madagascar, Mauritania, Sudan and Togo.

• Publish regular newsletters highlighting grants, jobs and events relevant to ADDOs and individuals working or interested in diaspora-development.

• Appointed five African diaspora professionals to ADEPT’s Advisory Council and working with Belgian law firm to develop full legal and membership structure.

• Worked with five ADDO partners and three mainstream partners to deliver Diaspora Development Forums (DDFs) in Denmark, Malta and Austria on the topics of:

  • Enhancing Diaspora Role in Job Creation in Africa’
  •  ‘From Irregularity to Stability: Strategic and Viable Actions to Prevent Irregular and Dysfunctional Migration’
  •  ‘Migration and Development in Times of Crisis: Common Obligations and Collective Action’

• Facilitated diaspora engagement with over 300 senior officials, policymakers and diplomats from European and African governments, civil society organisations, international agencies and development institutions.

• Represented on the High Level Panel on Migration during the 2015 European Development Days (EDD), and engaged with the African Union and EU partners on the 2015 EU-Africa Valletta Summit on Migration.

• Contributed to policy advocacy for the Financing for Development (FfD) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) global agreements.

• Hosting a side event during the Government Days of the 2015 Global Forum for Migration and Development (GFMD), and facilitating 4 ADDOs to participate in GFMD for the first time.

• Developing frameworks for capacity building of ADDOs through partnership with national mainstream partners, and national policy engagement through European Commission missions in EU countries.

• Commissioning consultancies for the development of new services relating to: Diaspora Grant Fund; Diaspora Youth Fellowship; Diaspora Policy Consultations; National Platform Building; and Media Images of Africa.


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