Oxford Students Refugee Campaign Scholarship Fund

Written by ADEPT

10 June 2016

Oxford University students and the Oxford Students Refugee Campaign Committee are glad to announce that a scholarship fund for students whose education has been disrupted because of war or natural disaster has been established at the university, driven by contributions from students. More information on the Oxford Students Refugee Campaign can be found here.

The scholarships will be open to:

  • Students with refugee status, irrespective of their current country of residence;
  • Students who have been displaced because of conflict or natural disaster but do not hold a refugee status;
  • Students who have not been displaced, but whose education has been disrupted because of conflict or natural disaster.

Students applying to undergraduate degrees and graduate degrees (both Master and PhD) will be eligible for the scholarships. The allocation of the scholarships will be subject to successful admission to a course at the University of Oxford.

There will be full and partial scholarships that could cover tuition fees, college fees, accommodation and living expenses. It is possible to contribute to the scholarship fund through a donation.

More information about the application process for the scholarships will be available in September 2016, when applications for the academic year 2017/2018 will open. For any question please contact: outreach.int.oxsrc@gmail.com

If you would like to donate to support students, click here

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