Written by Kholoud EL MORABET

3 October 2022

GA members voted on a new criterion for new organizations to become members of ADEPT. The underlying reason behind this decision was to make the onboarding process more flexible.

Under this new rule, general members must be able to prove a turnover of EUR 50,000 instead of EUR 250,000 in the past, while associate members must have a turnover of EUR 10,000 instead of EUR 50,000 as before.

During the debates, several presidents of associations manifested in a positive way, especially those of small associations, highlighting that this new rule could translate into them having a more representative voice within the organization.

The Secretary General, Emanuel Kamdem, explained that the proposed amendment in the membership policy had been a topic of attention and discussion for several months within the working group on membership conditions.  The objective is to diversify the areas of activity of the members and attract more associations so that ADEPT fulfills its role of facilitator of know-how. In addition, he added, several associations were financially impacted by the 2020-2021 health crisis and would therefore positively welcome such a change.

What remains the same:

–> The amounts of annual fees ;
–> The obligation for the organization/association to be involved in the implementation of projects, programs, or interventions in the field of development in one or more countries in Africa, or to represent 10 or more African Diaspora organizations strongly involved in the implementation of projects, programs and interventions in the field of development, in one or more countries in Africa.


Membership: new conditions, fee

A new text on membership was adopted.

•          By unanimous decision, general members must have a turnover of between EUR 250,000 and 500,000,

•          Associate members must have a turnover of EUR 50,000 to EUR 100,000,

•          The membership fee of 250 euros is voted,

•          The shareholder’s share amounts to €50.



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