Written by ADEPT

8 April 2019

The role of the African Diaspora as an economic actor is multifaceted and the development potential of diaspora investment has been acknowledged. Diaspora plays a huge role in contributing towards improving the living conditions of families and people left in the countries of origin, as well as the economic growth for the development of the countries it sends remittances to.

In this highly interactive webinar we will explore, compare alternative ways of investing beyond remittances in Africa. Our speaker, Eric GuichardAFFORD (ADEPT’s member organisation based in the UK) Partner, will bring with him over 25 years of financial investment, knowledge and experience which includes being founder and CEO of Homestrings Inc, a diaspora investment advisory platform that advises public, private and multilateral organizations on how to mobilize diaspora capital for investment into public and private projects.

Do not miss this opportunity, join us for a discussion on Thursday, 25 April 2019, 16h30 CET


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