Meet Dounia Borg, Maltese Moroccan activist and politician

Written by ADEPT

19 February 2019

My name is Dounia Borg, I arrived in Malta in 1993 as a tourist and this is where I met my husband. Three months later, I married him because my visa was coming to an end. After that, I started learning Maltese since I only knew Arabic and French. A month later, I had my son Youssef and that’s when I decided to volunteer in my son’s school. My goal was to learn the language and the culture of the country to be a better help to him. A year later, I had my second child, a girl. I continued learning Maltese while starting to learn English at  the same time. I had the idea to create an association to help all schools in Malta. To promote this association, I traveled to Vienna where I had to present Malta in 20 schools there. Shortly after, I created my association “Moroccan community in Malta” to help Moroccan women at education, law and any other field of activity that affected them here, in Malta. Then, a meeting with diaspora associations working with the immigrants who arrived in Malta, inspired me to help migrants and especially women arriving from Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and other areas.. So I created an association in which we assisted these women with the translation from Arabic into Maltese. 

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