Eighth Diaspora Development Dialogue (DDD8) // Expanding and Enhancing the Role of Diaspora Parliamentarians, April 24-27, 2018, Dakar

Written by ADEPT

20 March 2017

On April 24-27, 2018, Africa-Europe Diaspora Development Platform (ADEPT) is taking its Eighth Diaspora Development Dialogue (DDD8) in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Senegalese Abroad, the ‘Direction Générale des Sénégalais de l’Extérieur’ (DGSE) and the ‘Coordination des Associations Sénégalaises de la Catalogne’ (CASC).
Organised in Dakar, Senegal, the four-days Diaspora Development Dialogue will focus on expanding and enhancing the role of Diaspora Parliamentarians and will gather together directors and practitioners from diaspora affairs, parliamentarians, government officials, high-level institutions, African and European diplomats, organisations at national and international level, academics, policymakers, researchers, businesses, diaspora and civil society organisations from different countries to discuss the role of Diaspora Parliamentarians in strengthening their political activity and civic engagement.
The Programme of the DDD8 will allow the participants to attend different sessions and workshops and namely:
  • On April 24: The first day is scheduled as a Professional Training for Diaspora Members of Parliament, focusing on the ‘Effectiveness of Non-resident Parliamentarians’. This full-day professional training seeks to enhance the capacities and skills of 15 newly elected Senegalese diaspora parliamentarians. The training will be extended to other Diaspora representatives coming from different Government agencies.
  • On April 25: The ’Peer to Peer Exchange on Representation and Engagment’. This meeting will allow the participants to exchange and share best practices and methodologies of diaspora engagement in different countries.
  • On April 26: The Delegates and invitees will participate in the Dialogue Day on ‘Expanding and Enhancing the role of Diaspora Parliamentarians’. This event will gather more than 150 participants coming from more than 10 African and European countries and will be a public one.
  • On April 27, morning: The delegates will have the opportunity to engage in discussions during the presentation of the Programmes for the Senegalese Diaspora delivered by the ‘Direction Générale des Sénégalais de l’Extérieur’(DGSE).

To participate in the Dialogue Day on April 26, 2018, please register via the Online Registration link by April 23.

For more information and details, please contact :

E-mail: ddd@adept-platform.org

Tel.: +32 (0) 2 204 05 30

Website:  www.adept-platform.org

Diaspora Development Dialogues (DDDs) form an important part of ADEPT‘s service delivery framework. DDDs bring together African Diaspora-Development Organisations (ADDOs), governments, civil society organisations, the private sector and other development stakeholders, to work on practical means of improving diaspora interventions in African development. The DDDs are convened by the African diaspora, thereby providing the opportunity to mainstream diaspora perspectives, priorities and practices. The DDD involves:

  • Development Dialogue between ADDOs and mainstream agencies and institutions
  • Policy Development with focus on practical, effective and sustainable implementation
  • Facilitated Networking for partnership action and improved development impact.

The previous DDDs were held in Copenhagen (November 2014), Valletta (May 2015), Vienna (September 2015), Paris (December 2015), Nairobi (July 2016) and Brussels (November 2017).

For more information about the DDDs, please follow the link : DDD

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