Connect to ADEPT’s September webinar: Connecting diaspora for development – From brain drain to brain gain and brain circulation

Written by ADEPT

18 September 2018

Photo credit: IOM the Netherlands   



“Giving back to the country of one’s origin is always a wonderful experience knowing that one is empowering the capacity of students and civil servants which has a direct positive impact in the economic growth of not only the country but also the people”– Sulaiman Conteh – Sierra Leone.


Migrants with strong ties with their country of origin can be valuable assets for sustainable development. Their transnational identities often given them a deep understanding of the context in their country of origin and enable them to navigate between different cultures. Diaspora engagement is underpinned by a desire to “give back” which means a great deal of motivation and commitment.

IOM the Netherlands’ Connecting Diaspora for Development (CD4D) project taps into the diaspora expertise and willingness to contribute to development by connecting them with the public sector to strengthen capacity or enabling them to engage in business activities leading to job creation.

If you have valuable experience, professional skills and willingness to contribute to your country of origin or descent’s development, join our monthly webinar to exchange and discover how to put this in practice through the CD4D programme. 

Mr. Adri Zagers, the CD4D project Officer will share practical information on participation opportunities.

Participation in the webinar is free but registration is mandatory through this link.

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