ADEPT create synergies with continental networks in Abuja, Nigeria

Written by Kholoud EL MORABET

31 May 2022

The African Trade Union Network on Migration ATUMNET Strategic session on coordinating african trade unions and civil society organizations engagement on migration and labor migration governance at all levels took place in Abuja, the central capital of Nigeria, from 25 to 27 May. This multi-member organization from across the continent represents the interests of African trade unions vis-à-vis international institutions. After the first meeting in Dakar in which the strategic points were devised, this meeting would mainly be about new advocacy and communication strategy document with which they hope to use as a tool to tackle the perceptions and deceptions that encourage young Africans to embark on risky irregular migration journeys.

 As a representative of the African diaspora, ADEPT was invited to share its expertise. ADEPT’s Policy, Advocacy and Partnership officer closed the first day of the three-day event with a presentation on Racism, sexism and xenophobia – how has COVID-19 and the Ukraine war exacerbated these fault lines in migration and labour migration governance? – How can we improve the protection of migrants and migrant workers against these attacks? ‘. A problem to which ADEPT has conveyed its opinion through webinars and papers.

The three-day event was organized in collaboration with International Labour Organisation (ILO), Ukaid and Nigerian Labour Congress. It also had the participation of the IOM, Giz and the African Union. ADEPT’s participation is in line with the organisation’s ambition to expand its network and also to gain a foothold in Africa.

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