ADEPT organised its August Webinar: #Digital4RuralDevelopment in Africa on 30 August 2018

Written by ADEPT

22 August 2018


Migrants’ remittances have been crucial to reducing the scale and the severity of poverty in the developing world, covering basic needs and allowing to acquire professional skills, build capital and diversify economic activities. In addition to monetary gains, remittances are associated with greater human development outcomes, such as gender equality, education, healthcare. In 2017, the African Diaspora sent $38 billion to Africa (1).

However, these financial flows do not contribute as much as they should to the empowerment of those receiving the money and do not translate into jobs creation in rural setting which are the main destination of the remittances.

Beyond the reduction of transaction costs, much more efforts are needed to maximize the positive impact of remittances on rural development. How can digital technologies help the African diaspora and their families better invest remittances into income generating activities and projects, thus boosting the development of rural communities and people?

On August 30, 2018, ADEPT organised its monthly webinar on digital for rural sustainable development in Africa with Mr. Ibrahima DIABAKHATE, Business Development Manager at Stratechno as guest-speaker.

The webinar will soon be available online for visionning.


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