ADEPT at the ADYFE Conference

Written by ADEPT

3 June 2016

ADEPT ‘s InterimDirector Gibril Faal will be speaking at the opening ceremony of ADYFE’s  Business Solution Forum for Youth:Entrepreneurial Leadership for Decent Job Creation

ADYFE is the largest Diaspora Entrepreneurship Forum in Europe toward Africa. ADYFE puts great effort into the mobilization of youngsters within the African Diaspora in Europe in order to support each other to increase the access to qualitatively good jobs, enhance entrepreneurship and an inclusive sustainable industrial development for everyone. ADYFE stands for the empowerment of the African Youth Diaspora as well as the support of a sustainable economic development of Africa.

This year 4th African Diaspora Youth Forum in Europe focuses on “equipping every youth with knowledge and skills to get jobs that create more jobs”.

The Forum is going to take place from the 1st – 4th June at the United Nations Headquarters Vienna.

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