ADEPT Comm’s coffee

Written by ADEPT

27 September 2018

19 September 2018, Brussels – ADEPT took its first Comm’s coffee online meeting to discuss with its members and networkers what collaborative tools do they use in their daily work, covering communication, design, file sharing, project management and software, etc. As diaspora organisations or platforms based in Europe or in Africa, we are working a lot with our members, partners, stakeholders and volunteers at a distance. This leads us to constantly search for more tools to help us and our teams, be more productive and more close to each other.

Designed as a collaborative working space open to ADEPT’s members, friends and networkers, the Comm’s coffee aims at discussing and sharing the best communication practices in the field of diaspora, migration and development.

Every month, the ADEPT’s Communications team will be organising an online meeting. To join it, register for the event, receive an access code for the online meeting and connect on the D-day to share your experience and learn from other people’s experience.

The second Comm’s coffee will be organised on 24 October 2018.

For more information: Nelea Motriuc, Communications and Engagement manager –


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