ADEPT at the AU Diaspora Focal Point Workshop

Written by ADEPT

23 December 2016

AU Diaspora Focal Point Workshop 

13-15 December 2016, Cairo Egypt


Paul Asquith, ADEPT’s Capacity Development Manager participated in the 1st Continental African Workshop for Diaspora Focal Points of AU Member States, organised by CIDO of the African Union Commission at the Ramses Hilton hotel in Cairo, Egypt from 13-15 December 2016.

Mr Asquith moderated a panel discussion on 13 December on ‘Diaspora Engagement Policies and Strategies at the National Level’. Panelists included:

– Mr. Michael Tobias, Director of the Diaspora Engagement Directorate, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ethiopia

– Mr. Washington Oloo, Director, Diaspora and Consular Affairs, Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs
– Mr. Anil Kumar Kokil, Director, Ministry of Fiannce and Economic Development, Mauritius
– Dr. Nema Guindo, Technical Advisor to the Ministry of Malians Abroad, Mali

Mr Asquith also participated in a panel discussion on 14 Dec 2015 on ‘Mobilising Diaspora for Development: Lessons learned and Good Practices’, as part of which he gave a presentation on the topic of ‘Diaspora Investmentand Entrepreneurship’.

This meeting was unique in that it brought together for the first time government representatives from over 30 AU Member States as well as representatives of diaspora groups and networks in Africa, Europe, and North America, in order to discuss diaspora engagement policies and strategies, and share good practice in relation to diaspora development.

Photos ©  CIDO

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