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Nov 2

DIAD – Launch event

November 2 @ 15h00 - 17h30 CET




In a world still recovering from the COVID-19 crisis, the first assessment of the pandemics’ impact on the African Union 2063 Agenda and on the Sustainable Development Goals is saddening after a decade of continuous decline, extreme poverty increased in Sub-Saharan Africa. To reverse this trend, high added-value development solutions are to be explored. Diaspora contribution to development is the matching solution for development partners, due to its untapped potential and efficiency.

African diaspora’s impact in countries of origin still lacks both recognition and visibility. For that reason, ADEPT decided to showcase the magnitude of the Europe-based diaspora organisations contribution to Africa’s development. In order to fulfil its mission, ADEPT is launching DIAD, the Diaspora Impact on Africa’s Development month, which aims to showcase the diversity and the magnitude of the diaspora impact in Africa throughout the month of November.

ADEPT will amplify the voice of Diaspora’s impact by:

  • Creating spaces for dialogue, between development practitioners, policy makers and financial institutions.
  • Promoting African Diaspora contribution to development projects in Africa through videos and articles.

The theme of DIAD 2021 is “Which partnerships are necessary to increase diaspora impact in Africa?”.

The activities will highlight the partnerships which enhance diaspora’s impact on Africa’s development.

The Diaspora Impact in Africa month will start with a launch event webinar on Tuesday 2 November 2021 from 3pm to 5.30pm


Goals of the Launch event

The event pursues two goals:

  • To give an overview about some of partnership the African Diaspora create to engage in Africa.
  • To hear from development practitioners’ experiences and expectations.


Expected outcomes

After the event, diaspora organisations and development partners will be better informed of:

  • the nature and modality of pan-European support to diaspora
  • other diaspora activities impacting Africa’s development
  • the possible partnerships they can create and existing engagement policies
  • the lessons learnt from diaspora engagement specialists.




Agenda of the event

TimeTuesday 02 November 2021
3:00pmModerator Jane Ayeko-Kuemmeth

Use of the chat and access to the simultaneous interpretation channels

Opening remarks by ADEPT’s President Alexis Neuberg

Presentation of the DIAD and expectations

High-level remarks by EU Commissioner for International Partnerships Jutta Urpilainen

–        Importance of partnerships for the European Commission

–        The importance of partnership to leverage the diaspora impact

–        Strengthening partnerships with diaspora organisations

High-level remarks by Costa Rica Vice-President Epsy Campbell Barr

–        Recommendations to accelerate the compliance with the International Decade for People of

African Descent

–        African descent diaspora commitment to Africa’s development

–        Importance of partnership to leverage their impact in Africa

Advocacy: Why partnering with diaspora?
Keynote speech: Advocacy for partnering with diaspora by OBE Gibril Faal
3:40pmRoundtable: State of play
Although they are numerous and committed, diaspora organisations are operating on the fringe of development circles. Some development agencies strengthen their initiatives through capacity building or co-funding. But the amounts allocated to diaspora organisations support are still marginal compared to the civil society envelope.


The second term of achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals saw the raise of poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa after ten years of continuous decline. To bend the curve, all the untapped drivers for development must be engaged: with its efficiency and numbers, the diaspora civil society is the answer for development partners.

In regards to Diaspora engagement policies, notably those framing diaspora organisations ecosystem: what is being implemented? How can we do better? What are the lessons learnt? What else can be done? What multi-stakeholders’ partnerships shall we develop? Is there a Pan-European response?


Amadou François Gaye/ Director General for Senegalese abroad

Brice Monnou/ President of FECODEV

Dr. Awil Mahamoud / Director of ADPC

Angela Odaï/ Acting Head of Diaspora Division, Directorate of Citizens and Diaspora Organisations (CIDO) of the African Union Commission

Odile Robert /Deputy Head of Global Program on Migration and Development, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

Aurélie Sgro / Senior Project Officer ICMPD

Juliana S. Wahlgren/ ENAR Acting Director

5pmWrap up by the Moderator Jane Ayeko-Kuemmeth
Closing remarks by ADEPT’s President Alexis Neuberg





November 2
15h00 - 17h30 CET